The Villages of Providence Point

Providence Point is made up of seven different villages

Each village has its own unique architectural style and characteristics. Common to all of them, however, is the beautiful landscaping and miles of walking trails.

Center Village.

With a total of 226 units, Center Village buildings are arranged primarily with six to eight residences in each. These are staggered down the hillside towards Lake Sammamish and offer a feeling of free-standing homes isolated within the trees. Center Village is also the location of town hall, where the information office, Bake's Place restaurant, the activities department and Collin Hall are located. Collin Hall is a large meeting room perfect for group dinners, gatherings, and classes.

Meadow Village.

Located slightly west of Center Village, Meadow Village is smaller with only 71 units in a quiet and tranquil environment. The buildings are built with four to seven units in each and tend to be more closely grouped together. Landscaping is lush with an emphasis on plantings and flower beds.

Washington Village.

Washington Village is unique in that it offers five "high-rise" buildings, each with three stories and indoor hallways. This gives more of a community living feel with a total of 181 units. Washington Village overlooks the pea patch, where amateur gardeners work their own individual magic on flowers and plants.

Highland Village.

Highland Village is situated slightly uphill from Washington Village, offering two "high-rise" buildings and a multitude of other two to twelve unit buildings. The village has 143 units and is situated close to the north community building where meeting rooms and the library is located.

Garden Village.

Garden Village has 115 units, most buildings with two to five units in each offering a "rambler" style living arrangement. The village is quiet and pretty with light-colored buildings complimenting the landscaping.

Hilltop Village.

Hilltop Village lives up to its name. Perched "on top," Hilltop Village is small with only 71 units, but it is big on amenities. The Clubhouse with the pool, spa, gym, and a meeting room is located here, along with the tennis court and putting green.

Forest Village.

Located across 43rd way, this village is a winding, hilly community with a total of 201 residential units in both large and small buildings. Forest Village offers a walking trail and picnic area and the Laughing Jacobs Creek meanders along through parts of the area. The South Community Building is also located here.