Pursue your lifelong special interests or learn new skills.

Providence Point’s Communiversity, the unique, onsite campus offers educational courses, programs, special events and guest speaker forums.

Communiversity is an educational program organized and presented by and for the residents of Providence Point.   Since its first quarter in 1985, Communiversity has offered a wide range of small informal classes and seminars in an atmosphere in which students and faculty interact as peers.  Tests and grades are not given.  Communiversity presents a curriculum designed to include cultural programs and lectures by noted individuals on matters of interest to the residents.  An Artists Series is also present annually.

Classes are taught by men and women who have expertise in their fields and excellent teaching credentials.  Many are active or retired faculty from colleges and universities.  Some are residents at Providence Point.

Communiversity is an important amenity of Providence Point.  The cost of the classes is met as a budgetary item by the Umbrella Homeowner’s Association.  The cost is thus proportioned among all the homeowners.  Special costs and expenses for unusual supplies may on occasion be charged to persons taking the particular class.

At present, classes are held in available facilities on the Providence Point campus.  Classes generally meet once a week for eight weeks each during fall, winter, and spring quarters.